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The Force has been with us for over six years already.
May it be with us ALWAYS!
Greetings . . . the Emperor has been expecting you.
Learn about the Force, Luke!

Excuse me sir-- might I inquire what's going on?

General announcements will continue to be posted in the Announcement Threads in the main community forums. Please check those threads regularly-- they are your primary source of updates on both community and technical issues. (There is an announcement thread in the Cantina and the NatBoard. Please read the thread before emailing us to request a personal update.)

For practical reasons, announcements regarding possible downage, routing problems, and other technical joys will be posted here as well as in the community forums and at www.MyR2.com. (Remember-- this page loads far more quickly than the forum pages, thus it is usually still accessible when forums time-out, so don't forget that you can look here when you need an update.)

Imperial troops have entered the base! Imperial troops have ent---

New around Here?

You truly belong here with us, among the clouds.

If you are interested in joining our message board, you will need to read our Terms of Service and commit to upholding those terms.
We suggest that you look around and get used to the atmosphere and the posting style for a bit before jumping in-- often that can save everyone from headaches.

There's something familiar about this place . . . I feel like . . .

If you think you recognize some posters from years ago-- before the clone wars-- you could be right. We've been hiding out on Dantooine for a long time-- a long time. And I haven't been called Obi-Wan since oh . . . before you were born.

If you just stumbled upon us and you like the place . . . well, you've got good taste. And if you'd just like to look around, feel free to enter and read some threads.

Is the dark side stronger?

You've got questions? We have answers. Check the FAQ-- it answers almost any question you might have-- including the history of this board, explanations for why everyone here spells "doubt" incorrectly, what all the crazy abbreviations stand for, what kind of posts to avoid if you want to make friends and influence people . . .
This isn't your cyborg-father's FAQ section-- dry as Tatooine after a sandstorm-- this page is full of juicy goodness like a Hutt in a bacta tank.
If you're already part of the tribe, come on in. We'll get you a glass of blue milk.

Permission granted to land on platform three-two-seven:

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I can't see a thing in this helmet!

Stylish fan-wear is available in logos designed by board members. Check the message board store regularly for the latest greatest apparel and accessories. We change the selection from time to time, so grab your baby a Maul-bib and your sweetheart a Sith-Powered teddy bear while they're still available!

I'm Lando Calrissian-- administrator of this facility. And who might you be?

Click here if you need to contact the Powers That Be. You can also "find us" on the messageboard. Just look for the highest-ranking Sith-- the Emperor is in complete control of your planet now.
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